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A fintech startup that converts gaming currency to dollars

OviO is a mobile app that offers rewards to users for in-game actions and provides game developers with access to highly engaged users. The company has secured contracts with more than 25 prominent gaming companies, including Scopely, Playtika, and Plarium. Following a successful test involving 150,000 users in the United States, OviO has achieved product-market fit and is now poised for rapid expansion.

The business model operates on a cost-per-event (CPE) basis, where OviO acquires users for the app and incentivizes them to complete specific in-game events, such as tutorials or reaching certain levels. The fees associated with these events increase based on the time it takes users to complete them, reflecting the level of game progression.

This model has proven to be highly profitable and ranks among the top three user acquisition budget allocations for most gaming companies.

Nir Hauer
Chief Executive Officer
Yogev Regev
Chief Operating Officer
Or'el Sror
Chief Strategy Officer
Niv Nachmani
Chief Technology Officer