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Introducing AnD Give

From its inception, it was clear to all partners at AnD Ventures, that our community is a fundamental part of our existence. With this understanding in mind, we envisioned harnessing our founders, investors, and corporate partners, to do good for our immediate community.

We are excited to share that we have started 2021 with a breath of fresh air! Today we are officially launching our AnD GIVE platform — which provides us a multitude of innovative possibilities for ourselves, as well as our immediate community to help others and do good for our extended community in Israel.

Through AnD GIVE, we seek to give back, as well as to facilitate positive change in our society, in a significant way. We support charitable causes & social endeavors promoting the values we stand for — helping others, kindness, respect, inclusion, and diversity. We are providing our community with the platform to do good and give back as part of our standard operating model:

  • Committing to designate a percentage of our profits.

  • Promoting our portfolio founders to give back equity

  • Promoting cooperation with leading corporates in Israel for mutual giving back collaborations

  • Providing a bridge for our investor community to the Israeli social ecosystem

We are honored to have partnered with some of Israel’s most amazing & impactful organizations — making the lives of so many better, together.

Join our Giving journey - Contact us today!

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